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TRAINING BUMPERS: 2 x 5Kg 2 x 10Kg 2 x 15Kg 2 x 20Kg 2 x 25Kg Durability & Dead Bounce Finally Combined Together The ultimate multi-purpose plates. With the same diameter as certified bumper plate at the Olympics, these plates are designed to be safely dropped from any height. Design & Shape The Italian design gives the Premium Bumper Plates a special feel and high-end look. But we didn’t stop there. The bumpers meet IWF standards, all measuring 450mm in diameter. Durability High-density virgin rubber used for production dramatically increases the life of this bumper. It easily passed our rigid 30.000 drops test. Additionally we have inserted an innovative central device to reinforce the weakest part of the bumpers. Dead bounce Our Premium Bumpers have very low bounce, comparable with competition bumpers. Smooth finish The perfect rubber compound worked by precision technology machines give our bumpers that final high-end look. The big white letters are embossed and hot-printed without using toxic paints. Odorless The mixture of virgin rubber and special scented additive has replaced the classic smell of rubber with a slight neutral scent. You will no longer be hit by that nauseating smell when you step in the gym. Safe drop If your training includes lifts where the bar is dropped on the floor from rack or overhead position, then these plates are a no brainer. With great dead bounce you will protect your floor, bar and the bumpers themselves. Save money Buy cheap, buy twice! The HATLEX Black Premium Bumpers were designed by professionals and engineered to last. If anything happens within first three years of use just contact us and we will send you a new bumper. It’s that simple. Building features:: Plate Type: Multi-purpose Diameter: 450mm ( IWF STANDARD ) Collar opening: 50,4mm Insert: Stainless steel Weight tolerance: +/- 1% of claimed weight Bounce: Minimal Letter and number painting: Hot printing machine Set included: 1x bumper 5kg Bumper Warranty: 5kg variant plates are under warranty for 6 mounth 10-25kg Bumper Warranty: The 10-25kg variants are under warranty for 1 years. Minimal wear of the rubber, which does not affect performance, may occur with repeated use and is not covered by warranty. HATLEX TRAINING BUMPERS After two years of work in contact with the best athletes in functional training and Olympic Weight Lifting, having sponsored dozens of European competitions we have designed this new model of Training Bumpers. The quality and precision manufacturing have made ​​a significant leap forward in ensuring performance of their class. Completely revised design both aesthetically and functionally, the new Training Bumpers are a point of reference for any person intends to open a space dedicated to the functional training. WHAT ARE “BUMPER PLATES”? Bumper plates are olympic lifting plates made of virgin rubber and stainless steel. Their first function is to lighten their falling at the end of all olympic lifting techniques, especially those that require overhead liftings. Difference between TRAINING and COMPETITION The TRAINING model is used just to train and not for official competitions. It seems heavier than the COMPETITION one, because most of the plates are made of rubber, so they're wider than COMPETITION plates. A barbell which is completely loaded with TRAINING plates, can weight up to 230 kg. These bumpers are normally used in functional training gyms and boxes worldwide, both because of their low price and their “heavy” look. COMPETITION bumpers have a big steel part in the centre of the plate and this determines most of the weight. For this reason they are thinner than TRAINING ones and they give you the possibility to load the barbell up to 300 kg, occupying less space on the collar. COMPETITION plates are more compact than others, they are more expensive and their rubber is coloured just as classic official plates, so that their weight can be easily recognized.

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