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Large Bag 80cm x 35cm (31,5' x 13,8") : 60kg/135LBS – Large Filler: 0-60kg/135LBS Max (big as the bag). A “CORDURA”-MADE SANDBAG LASTS FOREVER A sandbag has birth to be treated badly. It is strongly pulled, thrown in the air and to the ground by any type of athlete. It is taken by any handle and any piece of cloth. Snatch, clean, squat, up & down hill sprint, and all an athlete can imagine looking at this kind of tool. Badly used and badly hit. Sandbags which are made with this texture have something that others cannot have: they really can do all this and much more! WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE TIME THEY LAST If you try to imagine something that requires an high tech technical superlasting texture, it is a Sandbag! If it is made of “Cordura” you'll know that it has al the right qualities not to let you down. It is more resistant and it exceeds standard textures. “Cordura” is used by all the most extreme travellers and soldiers in the world and it gives you more than you expect from its usage. The greatest part of users told us that ripping resistance, is very important to value the overall resistance. 99% of athletes that have tried our “cordura” made products, immediately wanted to buy one. ITALIAN STYLE Long last is just one part of our revolutionary product. According to textile tchnology progress, only a “cordura” made product can guarantee a deep black colour, that lasts forever. It also has a seamed leather badge in the middle. “cordura” also guarantees waterproof and dustproof characteristics. FEATURES AND ADDITIONAL MATERIAL • Original Cordura Texture. • YKK zip closure. • No buttons. • Waterproof. • 1,9 times more resistant to scratches than polyester textures. • 2,2 times more resistant to rippings than polyester textures. • Protective velcro on the zip. • 6 Handles in rip-stop material made of polymeric texture, rip-resistant up to 250 kg pulling. • No dust loss (we suggest to fill it with small cleaned stone). • Airtight closure filler with protective velcro.

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