For more than seven years now, our mission has been to help people around the world achieve their athletic performance by promoting physical activity in the name of sport, passion and dynamism. We make every effort to find solutions that are innovative and highly functional and aesthetic to ensure a workout like never before. We handle the manufacture of quality equipment and, in particular, services and solutions for the training of individuals and professional outfits.

We estimate that more than 1 million people train regularly with Hatlex's equipment in over 50 countries worldwide.

Our clients include:
· 3.000 personal trainers
· 2.500 private homes
· 1.500 club
· 700 affiliated box
· 500 sport association
· 350 schools and universities
· 300 physiotherapy centres
· 100 military bases
· 100 hotels
· 50 workers' association

In 2008, the founders Maurizio Maddaloni and Umberto Avino joined forces to face and ride the wave of change in the fitness industry. These keen, forward-looking trainers put together a team of experienced craftsmen skilled in carpentry and turning who could design the first equipment especially for sports performance.

In 2009, they appointed a structural engineer and a team of five to create the Cross Station System, the first set of modular, multi-functional structures for modern fitness. The system revolutionised the world of fitness with the possibility of building modern rack structures, climbing ropes, rings and many accessories, either freestanding or wall-mounted and of any size from as little as one metre. This system became so popular that other manufacturers, inspired by the genius of the two partners, went on to rework and imitate their invention.

Maurizio and Umberto took their project and all the equipment they had created and redeveloped to many Competitions in Italy and Europe, and began selling turnkey gyms to those who, like them, had perceived the need for change in the fitness industry.

In 2010, they were the first to sponsor internationally renowned athletes in the guise of talent scouts. The same year, they appeared on national television as the first company in Europe to host International Certifications and official competitions for the most famous association in America and to help the first female athlete to come second in the world at the Games.

It was also the year they designed their own first all-Italian barbell. This was based on chemical experts' in-depth research into the properties of steel at a technical laboratory in Brianza, and tested in the field by world-class athletes. Confident of the efficiency of their equipment, they went on to offer a Life Time Warranty for many of their products. This meant that some products were guaranteed for life, like the barbell, the feather in the cap of the company.

Research continues to be carried out into new materials for the equipment, which has to pass the strictest test in the field before being put up on the website of strong graphical impact.

At Hatlex, it is said that a tool must not only be functional and offer top potential, but must also be BEAUTIFUL. Each item is the result of a real enthusiasm for sport, excellent technical skills and a passion for design.

The passion for Design is a motivation to find solutions in terms of the style and architecture of the new, evolving concept of gyms. The success of Hatlex is down to knowing how to arrange quality equipment in the right way within a highly motivating and challenging environment, always keeping in step with the times. This was the reason behind Performance Design, a centre of the highest level which designs the interiors of clubs in accordance with Italian taste which is king in the international arena. A team of coaches, designers and manufacturers is used every day to devise state-of-the-art projects.

The life of the customer who belongs to the club, design with an emphasis on beauty, and the quality of the equipment are all essential and a key to successful training.

It is estimated that over one million people and athletes currently use Hatlex's equipment every day. The company employs over 50 people throughout the world and exports 84% ​​of its equipment abroad.