Shipping, Terms and Conditions

The items purchased on HATLEX.COM will be delivered by Caloni Trasporti courier all over Europe, including the islands at no additional cost than the price displayed at the end of the order and sent by email confirmation.

What are the delivery times?
The time required to prepare your order is usually 24 hours, but we strive get it ready for the shipment the same day of the request, unless the product is temporarily out of stock. The consistent quality of service allows delivery times from 3 days to a maximum of 10 days (except weekends and “european holidays”) depending on your address. This term is guaranteed by the time the payment was actually received by Functional Store International. Payments by credit card and paypal are quick starting. Payments by bank transfer must be actually present to our account before shipping. Please, notice that 4/5 days are required for the recognition of a foreign bank transfer.

What are the payment methods available?

Bank Transfer: You can easily and safely pay by bank transfer by following the instructions in the order confirmation email. For those who have home banking procedure is quick and will prepare the shipment as soon as we received a copy of bank receipt by fax (+39 02 40055010) or by email (info Data for the bank transfer are as follows:

Account Holder Name: Functional Store International srl
Account Number: IT87L0311101664000000013090

Credit Card or Paypal: You must provide a valid phone number where you can be contacted over the phone. We accept all major credit cards Visa and Mastercard. The secure system is guaranteed by PAYPAL and IWSMILE.

What are the shipping charges?
The shipment is fully charged to the customer, according to the rates budgeted in the cart at the time of purchase.

Acceptance of the terms and conditions
By sending electronic confirmation of your purchase order, the customer unconditionally accepts and agrees to respect in its relations with FUNCTIONAL STORE INTERNATIONAL srl general conditions and payment herein, claiming to have read and accepted all the information in he provided. The submission of the order confirmation therefore requires a thorough knowledge of the conditions of sale and acceptance.

WARNING: Due to continuous improvements over our equipment, images and measures associated to each article may not exactly match the items shipped

Orders are accepted only in writing through our ecommerce system. The customer sends the order via website and a notice of confirmation of order will be sent via e-mail to the customer, with an indication of the order’s number.

The Invoice will be automatically generated soon after the payment and it will shows the company name, V.a.t. number, and address prevoiusly indicated by the customer at the moment of the order. For private sales receipt is issued regularly. A taxation document is issued concurrently with the product and then travels with the goods.

All prices shown on the english site are without taxes and shipping costs. Prices can be changed at any time without prior notice, even daily or weekly.
The minimum amount for each order is currently set at 30 euros without taxes.
The system automatically adds 21% of italian taxes to the total amount of the shopping cart upon checkout.
If you have a Company within the European Union you should provide your valid V.A.T. number If you are a customer (private or Company) outside the EU like Norway and Switzerland, you should email it to In both cases mentioned above, the Cross Gym Team will move your account in a special list that will allow you to buy with no vat to all your future purchases.

The time of delivery is from 9.00 to 18.00 and it is absolutely necessary to be contactable at the phone at all the mentioned hours in order to avoid the delays on the delivery and charges for non-availability. The Costs to storage the goods in a local logistics partner will be charged to the customer if the customers won’t be avaiable at the phone or at delivery address at the time and date previously fixed with the carrier. Be careful to avoid this unfortunate event! storage costs will be paid directly and immediately to the Functional Store International Ltd. in order to release the goods.
If, for any reasons, you won’t be available at your fixed address, we kindly recommend you to call your friends or relatives in order to receive the package

Some heavy loads will be placed on "euro pallets"so it is important to obtain suitable staff to carry such goods within the home or sports center. The courier is not obliged to make any delivery to the floor.

All of our shipments do not include delivery to floor for any size or weight of the shipment.

NOTE (unless first agreed)
- The Courier does not ever call to alert the customer of delivery;
- The Courier is not required to comply with the provisions hour of delivery, the goods will be delivered from 9 to 18;
- The customer can not make demands unfulfilled type: deliver lunch break, from xx to xx, call, alert a day before, etc..
- The availability status of the product is indicative and does not guarantee the availability of a specified number of pieces as the system undergoes an upgrade with a delay of 24 hours.

FUNCTIONAL STORE INTERNATIONAL is NOT responsible for any delays caused by courier to their bad internal management.

WARRANTY: The warranty provided on products is due to the rules contained the DIRECTIVE 2011/83/EU

All products produced by Hatlex are intended for high-end performances and are built using the best materials and the most advanced techniques of industrial production. Some products and / or their components, such as but not limited to (weighted vests, sandbags, power-balls, med-balls, resistance bands, jump ropes, battle ropes and climbing ropes or fillings/cushions), more subject to extreme elastics and mechanical stress type, such as tensile, compression, bending and torsion, shall be used exclusively on technical rubber flooring and / or technical wooden floors. In particular, all listed products shall not in any way be employed and / or dragged on surfaces who are unsuitable for practice of sports activity, such as concrete, asphalt, gravel or rocky ground. It 's also necessary to use the listed products in a dry place and not subject to moisture. The use of the equipment on these surfaces and / or in these areas will result in a shorter duration of the product, and the loss of the warranty. Unless otherwise noted, for specific items*, all products made by Hatlex are guaranteed against breakage and damage for a limited period of 2 years from date of purchase. Any structural and / or compliance defects, must be reported no later than 15 days from receipt of goods. The warranty does not cover the possible consequences resulting from an improper use and / or alteration or modification and / or abuse and / or damages resulting by negligence in the use, care and maintenance of the products Hatlex. The warranty does not cover normal deterioration of the products caused by time or their normal use (for example: the detachment of small slivers of paint on painted cast iron or steel products, or the gradual loss of color intensity). Warranty rights are not transferable.
The Hatlex warranty does not cover any damage to people-animals and / or property damage caused by the use of the equipment.

Items with warranty period different than 2 years *

Bumpers (all types and weights) 6 months (except 5kgs that are under warranty for 2 months)
Power balls / Med Balls 6 months - No warranty in case of improper use of Med Balls
Climbing ropes/Battle ropes 6 months
Jump ropes/Skipping ropes (all models) 6 months
Sandbags 6 months
Weighted vests 6 months
Elastic restistance bands 6 months
All items -chroming- 1 year
All items -seams/stitching- 1 year
All items -colour pigments- 1 year
All items -coating- No warranty in case of damage from impacts or scratches
All items -fillings/cushions- 1 year