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Directly from HATLEX factory, in collaboration with Edoardo Molteni, mechanical expert of Giro d'Italia, Tour de France and Northern Italy Races, and Davide Garavaglia, Master HATLEX Functional Trainer, here you have HATLEX BIKE! The project involves the production of high profile bikes apt to satisfy athletes' needs that want to complete their physical preparation using this wonderful mean of heart-conditioning. The first product we presented could be only a professional ciclocross bike, ideal to ride on paved roads or off road and it is very light to be moved on the toughest roads. The right bike for a real CrossFitter! CICLOCROSS Ciclocross is a particular type of cyclistic activity, which is normally done during autumn or winter, waiting for agonistic activities on road. The origins of this sport come back to the first years of '900: In winter bikers used to ride on fields, to maintain their shape. This way they trained their muscular strength, their breath and their ability to ride the bike switching normal riding with running to go over moats or slopes. Octave Lapize was one of the first to practice this way of training and to “invent” the typical way of running with the bike on his shoulders. France was the birthplace for this sport: in 1902 they organized the national championship, under Daniel Gousseau and Geo Lefevre, and the last one was the founder of Tour de France. Then, Ciclocross (then know as “Pedestrial Ciclocross”) spread in Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg. The first international competition was “Le Criterium International de Cross-Country Cyclo-Pedestre”, in Paris in 1924. Only in '40s, UCI (International Cyclistic Federation) started to regulate Ciclocross. TECHNIQUE Bikes are very similar to running bikes: light, with thin wheels, stronger and less rigid, with smaller or bigger plugs. Measures are smaller. The central part is higher from the ground (to avoid obstacles), the back part and the front part are wider to avoid mud blocks the wheels during the competition; for the same reason we use cantilever breaks. The front crowns have a smaller denture than the one used in road cycling to better face the roughness of the ground. Ciclocross clothing is slightly different from normal cycling: they normally use a tight suit similar to the ones used in timing competitions on the road. This choice does not depend on aerodinamical reasons (in CX speed does not go over 30 km/h), but only to permit more movement freedom and avoid clothes to snag in branches. Shoes are the same as mountain bike shoes, with metal fast-unhooking system: in fact it is necessary to unhook feet very often to avoid obstacles, mouts, stairs;you have to run long distances; the plastic notch that is used in normal cycling would be fragile in touch with mud. TECHNICAL FEATURES OF HATLEX CYCLOCROSS BIKE: Frame:Carbon, weight 1,350 kg, slopin geometry Fork: Carbon Group: Campagnolo Centaur 10 speeds Crank: FSA Bend: FSA model SLX Attach: FSA model SLX Sleeve: FSA model SLX Wheels: High profile Ambrosio carbon x50-38 for coverage Victoria Cross Seat: Selle Italia The bike is delivered in limited edition, cumized with name and surname of the athlete, tailored S / M / L / XL. On particular request, we can install Campagnolo Chorus with the same accessorizes.

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