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This is an upgrade of the normal Personal Training Package for 1/2 persons. We added rowers, Ghd, Cross Station & Racks, benches and accessories to have a 100% complete training. With this solution, nothing is left to chance.

2x5kg Training Bumper Plates 2x10kg Training Bumper Plates 2x15kg Training Bumper Plates 2x20kg Training Bumper Plates (2 more than normal package) 1xREVO BAR 20kg 1xTraining Barbell 10kg(1 more than normal package) 4xSpring Collars 1xkettlebell 12kg(1 more than normal package) 1xKettlebell 16kg 1xkettlebell 24kg 1xMed Ball 10kg 1xMed Ball 6kg(1 more than normal package) 1xPower ball 10kg 1xPower ball 5kg (1 more than normal package) 2xHex Dumbells 5kg (1 more than normal package) 2xHex Dumbells 10kg 2xHex Dumbells 15kg (1 couple more than normal package) 1xBlu Green Purple Elastic Bands 1xBattle Rope 15 meters long 38mm diameter 1xCordura SANDBAG set large(or choice Medium Set) 1xWeighted Vest 10kg 1xWeighted Vest 5kg (1 more than normal package) ACCESSORIES IN ADDITION TO ''Personal Training Package'': 1xCROSS STATION & RACKS 120cm Wall Mounted (5 pull up stations/1 rack) Accessories: 1xHalf Safety (safety system for racks) 2xWeight plates Storage 1xDip Station 1xUtility bench 1xVertical Bar Holder 4 places 1xPower Box (3 heights:40 50 60cm) 1xPower Rings black 1xPower Sled 1xPower Sprint 1xTimer 1x indoor rower model D

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