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This is the perfect package to start working as a personal trainer or to start your own training.

This package will give you the chance to get into the business of functional training. You'll be able to create wonderful functional workouts, helping your clients to improve themselves day by day. 2 x 5kg TRAINING BUMPER PLATES 2 x 10kg TRAINING BUMPER PLATES 2 x 15kg TRAINING BUMPER PLATES 1 X REVO BAR 20kg (Olympic training barbell) 2 x Spring Collars 1 x Kettlebell 16kg (your choice 8-12kg) 1 x kettlebell 24kg (your choice 32kg) 1 x Med Ball 10kg (either 8-6-4kg) 1 x Power ball 10kg (either 5-15kg) 2 x Hex Dumbells 10kg (choice from 7.5 to 12.5 kg, with package Standard 10) 1 x Blu-Green-Purple Elsatic Bands 1 x Battle Rope 15 meters in length 38mm diameter 1 x Cordura SANDBAG set large (your choice Medium too) 1 x Weighted Vest 10kg (your choice 5kg) 1 x Power Shot 1 x Power Sprint 1 x Speed Jump Rope

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