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SBR FLOR: performance floring is our versatile elastic ruber floring which has ben laid in thousands of fitness clubs and sports facilities throughout the world. We manufacture our products by using a combination of diferent elastomers which give it a unique level of wear resistance and flexibility. These properties make it the ideal floring for areas exposed to high mechanical loads, in adition it is easy on joints as wel as on ligaments, and has excelent anti-slip characteristics.

Protection Ofered by Flexibility The elastic material composition of Sbr floorings protects joints and ligaments during sports, workouts as wel as suporting sports performance. Sbr flor is the perfect flooring for professional and leisure athletes and can be used in fitness clubs and training facilities worldwide. Extremely Durable The viscoelastic consistency of our floor provides effective protection against heavy, blunt loads, against sharp points and edges, and against constant heavy loads. It is ideal for areas where dumbbells and barbells may be dropped on the floor, where heavy equipment places an excess load on the flor. Sbr can bear heavy loads and withstand hard knocks and sharp impacts that would cause serious damage to conventional flooring and the underlying scred. Outstanding Anti-Slip Properties for Individual Safety It holds the slipperiness classification R9 (the R scale runs from R1 to R13 with R1 being the most slipery). They idealy combine anti-slip properties to prevent accidents with low sliding behaviour for abrupt stops when engaging in sports. This prevents the risk of stumbling after suden stops which can occur if the anti-slip properties are too high. Fitnes Clubs, Weight Training, athletic track Sbr® has a high material density compared to similar floring from other manufacturers. This makes the floring extremely tough and durable. Once laid, Sbr® wil continue to perform excellently, even after years of use. The light point elasticity of Sbr® is easy on joints and ligaments. Depending on thicknes, the force reduction for Sbr Standard is 9–12 % and for Sbr Profesional impact is betwen 16–19 %. Sbr® holds the slipperines clasification R9 (the R scale runs from R1 to R13 with R1 being the most slippery): it provides a safe surface for runing and jumping with suficient gliding capacity to alow for stoping movements. In wet areas, Sbr® holds the slipperiness classification C, the classification for wet areas runs from A to C with C being the best, which guarantes a high level of anti-slip properties. Sbr® absorbs the impact force of falling objects such as dumb-bells without incurring any damage. Sbr ® bears the load of fitnes equipment placed on the flooring and prevents it from sliping. Equipment screwed to the flor remains firmly secured when using Sbr ® because Sbr ® is glued to the scred over its entire area with no underlying voids, as may be the case with other sports floring. Sbr ® offers good impact sound insulating properties. Sbr ® is extremely hard-wearing and tough. Sbr ® is suitable for use with underfloor heating. Sbr ® is pleasantly warm underfoot. everroll® is easy to handle. everroll® is long- lasting. Elasticity and Resilience The diferent thicknesses significantly influence the resilience and elasticity of Sbr®. Sbr® Rols Rol width: 1,250 m Rol length: from 10 m / 20 m, depending on the thickness Thickness: 4–10 mm, subject to material grade Material composition: reclaimed ruber, synthetic EPDM ruber, polyurethane, subject to material grade Anti-Slip Properties Sbr® Sliperines clasification R9 in acordance with BGR 181, sliperines clasification C in wet areas in accordance with DIN 51097 Dynamic coeficient of friction > 0.3 µ in accordance with EN 13893. These values show that Sbr® is neither too smoth nor too rough for the type of movements associated with sports in fitness centres. Reaction to Fire everol® Rols Efl normal combustibility Impact Sound Insulation Improvements of impact sound can be attained according to Sbr® thicknes and Sbr® system composition. The de- gree of impact sound improvement for a 6-mm-thick Sbr® flooring is 15 dB in DIN ISO 140-8

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