RADICAL TURF 2x20 metri (40 metri quadri)
made in Italy

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One of the best artifical grass available on the market. This entirely produced in Italy at specialized factories for many years. The synthetic grass, also called Turf, is used in modern gyms to delimit an area dedicated to all those athletics drills that could not be made of normal rubber flooring due to the friction. If you drag your sleds on concrete floors, wooden floors or asphalt outside without any kind of grass you would face considerable wear of the sled or prowler and there would be a significant consumption also of the underlying floor. A sled with no weight dragged on rubber flooring is comparable to a sled charge with 100kg on the asphalt! In some movements such as "prowler push" the sled tends to tip over on the rubber at the time of departure, due to the strong friction. For this reason we must choose a suitable floor with a high anti-abrasion characteristics and wary of "carpet" or synthetic grass of around 10/20 € as they may last a month or so. Our Turf is made from lubricated anti-abrasive fibers that contribute to decrease the risk from abrasion and friction burns when slipping or skidding, thus allowing athlete to optimize performance using a playing surface which presents all the characteristics of natural grass, but with a much longer life. Proceeds from organic pigments (so without the more widespread use of heavy metal compounds) can however, to maintain intact for 7-10 years its excellent performance, features, color and stability to U.V rays. Available in THREE COLORS Green Black Red Height: 27 mm Denier: 9,550 dtex Micron: 100 Points: 21,000 / 16,000 sq.m Use: Sled, Prowler, Athletics, CrossFit, Multisport, Gymnastic

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