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The Prowler is one of the best tools to develop strength, power and endurance of your legs, your waist and your arms, ideal for team workouts and to create an atmosphere of sport competition and team work. The Prowler is a new type of sledge, designed during american football trainings, to empower lower limbs and the whole body conditioning in general. This machine will let you train both pushing and pulling, seeing that it is designed to be pushed in both directions, with low or high handle and it can be charged with normal 50 mm wide bumper plates, always depending on your training level. Once you have bought them, you can do a little test, just as we did right after the first production: push your Prowler (70 kg on it) for 40 america yards (36 mt), hands on high handle and after that, push it for another 40 yards with your hands on the lower handle! After training this way you'll understand your level... Believe it or not, you'll be absolutely out of order! Prowler is perfect for: General Conditioning Pulling, just as you would do with a normal sledge Pushing, just as you would NOT do with a normal sledge Strength and Endurance of the lower part of your body Anything... Prowler can be used on any type of floor: grass, concrete, bricks or synthetic grass, too. Warning: The type of floor could notably influence the friction between the sledge and the soil, enhance or reduce the effort expected. If you use it on concrete or the sidewalk, Functional Store doesn't get responsibility on potential damages.

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