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By popular demand comes the Spartan version of our famous steel Power Shot.

Easy to use, fast and above all effective: Features: - "matt black" steel powder-coated - inner hole 50mm for use with any Olympic barbell - central axis 50mm, can be inserted in any plates with large hole (even if not bumper) The amazing new POWER SHOT ® is designed to perfectly fit to your daily workouts, a unique tool to train the muscles of the trunk with hundreds of exercises and variations. A good way to train strength, power and stability in the central part of the body, the Power Shot will help to improve the speed, responsiveness and muscular control to excel in all sports. Put a disc weights from 15 to 25kg on the floor, enter the joint POWER SHOT ® within the 50mm hole, then insert the ends of the barbell into the hole along the POWER SHOT ® and the fun begins. The only limit is your imagination. The new era of training passes to us first!

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