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Disponibile dal: Sep 30, 2017

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Functional Zone is a new training concept: flooring specifically created for functional training and PT.

An attractive, fun and profitable zone to energize your sports center. With the Functional Zone, you will create an exclusive, personalized and innovative area in your facility, which also brings new exercise perspectives and possibilities without the need for major investment!

  • Responds to current trends on the market (Functional Training, higher demand for PT and special programs, Small Group Training...)
  • It is a powerful revenue tool for sport centres, can increase profits and save costs.
  • Offers instructors a new way of training which aims to attract and retain members.
  • Maximizes space in your facility without additional costs.
  • Members have the benefit of shorter classes, which are more fun , more interactive and more effective.


While most fitness machines only work particular muscles or groups of muscles, Functional Training challenges the whole body to work at once with coordinated programs so that you can achieve new levels of varied training exercises.

The new Functional Zone by Pavigym is flooring specifically designed for Functional Training. It is an area in which you can create innovative spaces, completely different from the rest of your gym. In addition, it enhances the possibility of creative personal training sessions which are functional and fun.

Functional Zone will completely re-energize your Fitness Room! You can improve your customer experience by using this innovative zone to enhance PT sessions, or complement group-X activities.

Pavigym´s unique Air Flooring System guarantees the necessary comfort and protection during every training session. The jump impacts on the floor will be absorbed by the material; therefore protecting the joints and bones of users from injuries.

Functional Zone can be integrated into different Pavigym flooring solutions, such as Pavigym Fitness or Pavigym Aerobic. Alternatively, it can be purchased as a “stand-alone” product on top of the existing floor You can therefore create a specific and exclusive training zone whether the club be a new facility, or simply as part of a refurbishment.

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