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Introduction to Med Balls Med Balls are one of the best weapons an athlete can have in his/her arsenal. They were designed by american trainers and improved by athletes themselves. Med Balls have a diameter of 35 cm and they're designed so that weight doesn't move in the sphere and nothing comes out of it, to keep it balanced when throwing it. These medicine balls are soft on their superficial part, to avoid injuries when throwing them at high speed towards you training mate. If they were hard and heavy, old school style, this would absolutely compromise your safety. Training with Med Balls is based on 2 features: SPEED and STRENGTH. For speed dynamic training it would be right to choose a light ball (ex. 4 kg), because a heavier load would turn down all speed work, even with a trained athlete. Don't worry about reducting your performance with a light weight, beacuse we suggest you try what you are able to do and if you can be “fast enough” using that weight. Light balls can be used by unconditioned and older people. Med balls are a great method to empower speed and strength, but it's fundamental to choose the right weight just like in any other kind of training that involves loads. We suggest you start with a 4 kg ball and be sure that your movement is perfect, before adding weight. Remember: the advantage of using our medicine balls is the speed and sprint you have when using them! MED BALLS (4-6-8-10 kg) Med Balls can be a real revolution in your training method. They give you a great variety of new and improving excercises. The best news about functional training with med balls is that you can use different movement areas. Deadlifts, push presses, push jerks, cleans, snatches and overhead presses... These are movements that you always do on one single direction: the barbell is in front of you and you have to move it vertically. However, real life and sport, are based on three different dimensions: if you have to hit a ball with a tennis racket, you surely rotate your trunk, if you have to throw a rugby ball, or a football, you always have to rotate to give power to your movement. So, how can you train this kind of movements that are fundamental to improve your performance results? Obviously using our medicine balls, born to be thrown with power, with no risk. We suggest you use light balls fo dynamic exercises as “wall ball shots”, or back throwings to a target, as well as throwings with trunk rotation. Use heavy balls, as 8 kg or 10 kg, to improve strength. Avoid using the Med Balls to make "ball slams", especially if performed on unsuitable surfaces such as asphalt, gravel and other surfaces too rough. One of the best things of Med Balls is that they can be used for any sport or any athletic training in general. Athletics upgraded its training methods, thanks to these tools. If their suitable for the best international athletes, why souldn't they be suitable for you? If Med Balls are not already part of your training sessions, it's time for you to invest on them! The quality of our materials will make them last forever. * We suggest you buy the whole 4 Balls – Kit, for the best usage. Have fun!

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