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JERK BLOCK Hatlex® Jerk Boxes: Solidity and an unbeatable design! These commercial grade stackable Jerk Boxes have been meticulously designed to meet weightlifters needs, minimize damage to the bumpers and to last a lifetime. Hatlex® Jerk boxes are an ideal addition for any gym or athlete. They aid specific movements focused on Olympic weight lifting whilst removing the need to perform a clean action to obtain the rack position. They can also be utilised for strength training and broken down to aid other compound movements such as: block pulls, clean/snatch from blocks, partial deadlifts, floor presses, step ups, box jumps. if you want to use only one pcs with 15cm 30cm or 38cm, please use them together with 6cm top one These heavy-duty stackable Jerk Blocks stand 88 cm off the ground when all pieces are stacked together . Available in four standard sizes 38 cm, 30 cm, 15 cm and Reinforced Top Box of 5cm , each Jerk Block features 38 mm solid structural wooden construction and interior bracing made of aligned inserts to secure stacking, as well as two 5cm thick safety laths fixed at the top of each Block to prevent the falling of the barbell. The price is for a full pair of 88 cm blocks (2 x 5/15/30/38 cm for a total of 8 pieces)
SPECIFICATIONS: • Dark black color • Hatlex logo printed • hand grips for easy movement • the set consists of eight blocks (2 x 5/15/30/38 cm) • high quality plywood • robust, high quality construction with interior bracings • 5cm thick safety laths fixed at the top of each Block • Variable Height Adjustment: from 5 cm to 88 cm • total weight 185 kg • Foot print: 90 x 50 cm • Load Capacity: 500kg • Supplied fully assembled and ready to use