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This is an upgrade of the normal Group Package for 4 persons. We added rowers, Ghd, Cross Station & Racks, benches and accessories to have a 100% complete training. With this solution, nothing is left to chance.

4 x 5kg Training Bumper Plates 4 x10kg Training Bumper Plates 4 x 15kg Training Bumper Plates 2 x 20kg Training Bumper Plates 1 x Revo Barbell 20kg(man olympic barbell) 1 x Revo Barbell 15kg(woman olympic barbell) 1 x Training Barbell 10kg(more than normal package) 1 x Technique Barbell 5kg (more than normal package) 8 x Spring Collars 2 x 8kg kettlebells raw top grade 2 x 12kg kettlebells raw top grade 2 x 16kg kettlebells raw top grade 2 x 24kg kettlebells raw top grade 1 x Med Ball 10kg 1 x Med Ball 8kg 1 x Med Ball 6kg 1 x Med Ball 4kg 1 x Power Ball 5kg 1 x Power Ball 10kg 1 x Power Ball 15kg 2 x 5kg Hex Dumbells 2 x 10kg Hex Dumbells 2 x 15kg Hex Dumbells 2 x Blu Green Purple Elastic Bands 2 x Battle Ropes 15.meters long 38mm diameter 2 x Sandbag Large Set(or choice medium set) 2 x 5kg Weighted Vest 2 x 10kg Weighted Vest 2 x Power Box(cube with 3 heights: 50 60 70cm) 4 x Power Shot 2 x Power Sprint 4 x Speed Jump Ropes ACCESSORIES IN ADDITION TO ''GROUP.PACKAGE'': 1 x CROSS STATION & RACKS 420cm wall mounted (12 pull up stations/ 2 racks) Accessories: 2 x Half Safety (safety system for racks) 4 x Weight plates Storage 2 x Dip Station 1 x Ring Attachment 2 x Utility bench 1 x Vertical Bar Holder 4 1 x Climbing Rope 2 x Power Sled 1 x GHD Professional 2 x indoor rower model D 1 x Timer

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