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As low as: €11,956.00

As low as: €11,956.00


The HATLEX HEAVY DUTY SERIES is an evolution of the already renowned REGULAR SERIES. The high thickness of the iron and the increased tubulars (led to 80x80 mm rather than 60x60 mm) and the 16mm bolts (the same used in industrial buildings) grants greater stability and a high strength to the whole station with an improved feeling for the athletes of the highest level . The increased tubular has a strong visual impact that turns into a more appealing aesthetic and can be customized with our "COOL LOOK" in red , black, salt lake black , salt lake red , polished steel , brushed steel , brushed iron and can be further customized with the name of your sports center. The Heavy Duty series is suitable both for beginners and professional athletes, imparting a feeling of substantial resistance(it weighs almost 40 % more than the Regular series ) with low vibration . Colleges , sports centers, commercial gyms , gyms functional and military training centers can benefit from this important new concept of station . The Heavy Duty Series modules alternates 120cm and 170cm in order to alternate rack and pull up positions, attachment for olympic rings and climbing ropes (the latter is not provided in the configuration Regular). The stations are all indoor painted with epoxy powder , but can also be ordered in the outdoor version . The whole concept was designed and built in Italy and meets the most severe requirements for quality certification that few (if any?) can offer so far . WHAT'S INSIDE: • MULTI POSITIONS RACKS – 6 • PULL UP POINTS – 10 • BAR MUSCLE UP – 10 • POLIZENE J-CUP – 6 • HORIZONTAL LADDER 7,2 meters FEATURES: • Max lenght 703cm • Max width 182cm • Max height 264cm • Iron thickness 80 x 80 x 4mm • 16mm Hardware • Epoxy powder coating • The station must be bolted to the ground • Weight 602,15 kg

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