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We're proud to be the first trainers introducing “rope training” in Italy, and we're also proud of our followers, trainers and coaches, who started using them with their athletes.

Our ropes are the best ropes in trade and we're not just boasting about it, but our providers say that: The Italian Navy! “Our” military rope traditions have their roots in 1796 so that it is the oldest Italian Rope Factory, with great historical and nautical basis. Training with these ropes means: have a sure grip and perfect movement fluency, less stress on you wrists and long lasting endurance. It is 15 meters long and it is the only one in trade that can guarantee you perfect balance and a correct ratio between load and length (mistrust who tries to sell you 10 meters long ropes or less than 28/32 mm wide. They NEVER trained in their life and they don't even know what they're selling) Strength, Speed, Coordination, Cardiovascular Training are all characteristics you'll improve using our ropes! New HATLEX ropes are interely covered in CORDURA 1000D, one of the most resistant texture in the world. To guarantee you maximum efficiency in every condition. It is completely waterproof, it has anti-scratch texture and it is possible to use it in every athmospheric condition, indoor, outdoor, on footbal fields, on the ground, on cement, on sand, on mud, if it's freezing cold, if it's hot, if it's rainy... There's no limit for these “all terrain” ropes. They just need to be quickly cleaned with a wet cloth after usage and they turn back new! They allow you to a metabolic usage you never have dreamt before! 15 mt long and weight 1kg/mt for a total of 15 kg.

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