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Building features: The Top Technology of Infusion Lettering System The Color for the logo is molded directly on the surface of rubber disc and never lose External diameter of plate: 450 mm (IWF standards) Internal hole diameter: 50.4 mm* Insert material: Stainless steel Loading Capacity: +/- 10 gr from declaired weight Colour: A (from A to F) Odour: Low Class: Olympic lifting plates for high grade competition Material: Virgin Rubber and additives The package includes: Rubber Plates 2x 10kg 2x 15kg 2x 20kg 2x 25kg Tested to fall 10.000 times. USAGE: ON OLYMPIC BOARDS AND FOR HEAVY LIFTINGS, BECAUSE THEY HAVE A MINIMUM AND CONTROLLED BOUNCING LEVEL – NOT PARTICULARLY SUITABLE FOR CROSSFIT WORKOUTS WITH MANY REPS. HATLEX COMPETITION BUMPERS We have made a quality choice: our Competition Bumper Plates are built in the same factory producing Plates for the Olympic Games for over 20 years. A professional and unique design guaranteed by the reference color standard for the Competition world. The plates also do not change color over the years. We are the first in Europe to introduce The Top Technology of Infusion Lettering System through which the logo and weight are printed directly on the hot rubber. No longer painted, the logo design and the numbers remains unchanged during the years. You can be sure to get in your hands the same plates used at the Olympics . We guarantee a weight oscillation of 10 gr more than the one indicated, calculated on highly sensitive scales and then signed with their own weight just before being sent. If a plate is not adequate, we do not ship it. The internal hole diameter makes it impossible to loosen the grip between plate and barbell during a competition. The strength of materials is ideal for olympic liftings and it permits a controlled bouncing. Here we it's serious! WHAT ARE “BUMPER PLATES”? Bumper plates are olympic lifting plates made of virgin rubber and stainless steel. Their first function is to lighten their falling at the end of all olympic lifting techniques, especially those that require overhead liftings. Difference between TRAINING and COMPETITION The TRAINING model is used just to train and not for official competitions. It seems heavier than the COMPETITION one, because most of the plates are made of rubber, so they're wider than COMPETITION plates. A barbell which is completely loaded with TRAINING plates, can weigh up to 230 kg. These bumpers are normally used in functional training and CrossFit gyms worldwide, both because of their low price and their “heavy” look. COMPETITION bumpers have a big steel part in the centre of the plate and this determines most of the weight. For this reason they are thinner than TRAINING ones and they give you the possibility to load the barbell up to 300 kg, occupying less space on the collar. COMPETITION plates are more compact than others, they are more expensive and their rubber is coloured just as classic official plates, so that their weight can be easily recognized.

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