Black Rack Skid Plates
made in Italy

In stock


2 - 4 Settimane

MAKE IT STABLE WITHOUT BOLTING TO THE FLOOR This is a fantastic accessories of the new Power Rack line made here at Hatlex®. With this two heavy duty plates you can have your rack stable without bolting it to the floor. You can do your pull ups, bar muscle ups, heavy squats and bench without fear of having a catapult effect. The heavy weight of the skids make your rack as if it were nailed to the ground! With this accessories you can place the rack on any type of surface. Just place the skids on the ground and bolt the rack on them. Each skid has got 8 threaded holes to host 2 uprights. Bolts and hex key are included in the kit.
SPECIFICATIONS: • Matt Black Powder Coat Finish • can be used outdoor only if protected by a roof, It is not suitable for direct use to the weather. • Weight: from 56 to 86kg each depending on the model HD1-2-3 • Width: 35 cm • Length: from 140cm to 230cm depending on the model HD1-2-3