ALL-IN 4X200

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ALL-IN STORAGE SYSTEM – 3x200 The All-IN Storage System is the latest Hatlex creation to store your equipment when is not used. This mass storage system can help you keeping all your accessories well organized on two or more shelves depending on your needs. We use the same tube of our famous Cross Station System, one of the most solid oversized tube construction on the market, made of 80x80 mm, 16 mm hardware, to guaranteee a better stability than anyone else. Matt black powder coat finish gives a great and cheeky look at the whole Storage, every single piece undergoes a special manufacturing process of sandblasting and chemical cleaning before painting. This prevents the equipment from easy chipping and scratches. The All-In Storage is can be easily expanded in both length and height as your gym’s demands increase. The 4x200 allow you to overlap 2 couple of uprights in order to have a higher storage and get 4 tiers. You can mount four shelves of 200cm each, able to store different accessories: 1. The Bumpers/Balls shelf is optimal to store up to: • 3 sets of 150 kg Training bumpers plates or 460 kg of mixed weights. • 5 sets of Competition Bumper Plates or 700 kg mixed weights. • 6 med balls of 35 cm diameter (the ones for the wall ball) 2. The Kettlebell/Dumbells shelf is great to store up to: • 18 Kettlebells Competition or Raw placed in two rows for a total of 300 kg. • 12 Hexagonal Dumbells up to 15 kg • 10 Hexagonal Dumbells up to 30 kg. • Two of these shelves can store a full set of 385 kg Hexagonal Dumbells (2 x each weight up to 30 kg) This storage can be used to store whatever you need such us: abmat, weighted vest, sandbag and other stuff you think is good to not have on the floor.
SPECIFICATIONS: • 80x80 mm Steel Uprights • Matt Black Powder Coat Finish • 16 mm Bolts • Weight Capacity on all the shelves: 2.000 kg • Foot print: 216 cm width x 40 cm depth x 160 cm height • Don’t need to bolt it to the floor • Image above includes optional accessories that are sold separately. • The Storage can be used outdoor only if protected by a roof, It is not suitable for direct use to the weather.