You have clicked the right button to get the gym of your dreams at a bargain price. If you are an affiliate and are deciding to open your own gym you are entitled to a special discount. We have always had an eye on who started as a coach like we did. We have developed a special price list that has no equal on the market, all the best products are at your disposal at a very discounted price to create the perfect package for your future gym.

Today be a good coach is not enough, you have to look at the economic side of the business. It is very important to look at the return on investment and therefore the issue price is crucial. Not only that, we must also put the right focus on the quality of the equipment because a tool of great duration is a tool that should not be bought again! Only a strong partner that has been around for a very long time has the right knowledge in the field of production in order to have a good quality of equipment and manages to come out with the highly competitive prices. Rely on a strong partner, choose the best value for money.

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