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For any gym with more than a few medicine balls and less than enough storage space, Hatlex Med Ball Hanger are the zero footprint solution. Sold in pairs, these 3/16" thick laser-cut steel brackets (packaged with a set of four shaft collars) allow gym owners to install a customized, wall-mounted medball storage rack in virtually any size training space. This version of the Hatlex Med Ball Hanger is designed for mounting directly to a wall in your gym. Set-Up: For secure installation, each Hanger features a flange with three mounting holes—9/16” in diameter and spaced 2” on center. To complete the shelves, customers can opt to have a pair of 52” long pipes included in their order, or—if you prefer a custom length—you can purchase any length of 1” Schedule 40 pipe at your local hardware store and run them through the brackets. Expansion Options: For growing gyms that may need more medicine ball storage space in the future, Hatlex Med Ball Hanger units are easy to expand, either by adding more brackets or by spacing the current brackets further out and swapping out longer pipes.

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